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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 25, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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we've been following all morning long what is your commute affected by a big fiery crash in san francisco. it started with a car being stow 13 a high- speed chase and then they lost control for the crash and two people died in the accident. kron4's terisa estacio join us now with the latest from the scene. >>: the morning everyone right now behind me is what i'm talking about the history of rapid the san francisco) now because of this fiery crash. earlier this morning this is one the chp of lesser amount of plates in oakland around three. how officers tried to follow the car above the driver continued to fifth on the favorite of the started to this is what happened. take a look of this video.
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the accident. fit the spokesperson says it appears headed guardrail more than 100 mi. an hour. the driver completely lost control. bounce off the off ramp and then the crash occurred. i just spoke with the seed of concern about the latest. with an end. >>: them of a car is a three series bmws 90s era significantly damaged so we're trying to matt did more affirmation. we note was stolen but we know where the wind. >>: car was stolen out of san francisco and what about as far as the driver and identification any information about the driver of them a good driver was a male adult films, from of the vehicle sustained major
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injuries and died at the same for return to identify other parties. >>: we now believe he was wearing his seat belt during the time of the crash. >>: this is a developing scenario of here. we're going to be san of here throughout the morning but that's the latest. next to the off ramp out of the bay bridge terisa estacio kron4 news. >>: like his said this is going to last throughout the commute we're following the traffic impact. emmitt is a major as traffic is now backed up silently from europe when the pilot of a way out of the fifth street off ramp. that means the
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metering lights have to be run extremely slowly this morning which is the case. of the bag of the region into the macarthur maze furious the look from the scene and it's because of this closure and various hazardous said no indication that they're going to be opening up anytime soon so all of the traffic that otherwise would exit at fifth street is going to be kept on the sky went on to have an effect on city streets san francisco's south of market. is also going to have an effect on the and bounced into a fruit and likely to keep it in back of this morning. a quick look now from the traffic mess. as with a ride from aren't counted. one of the alternates out of bounds. naso that the ad for the fear going to rule
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friday use the ride south on 880 and other ticket to one of your other alternate the san mateo bridge is backed up because of problems with an accident that level of this here's a look at your san mateo bridge alternate. and already completely jammed up. in the westbound direction stop and go conditions here at the toll plaza heading to the golden gate bridge a little heavier than usual this of all direction of problem free across the span. >>: thank-you a training through critically injured firefighter the video from a helicopter the victim a 28 year veteran of from the fire deferment for the not sure will cause of the grief of live on its side.
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investigators are still try to figure what happened. the month two teenagers have been arrested for a burglarizing a home in san ramon on mondayut two other suspects are still out there. fleas are looking for them. a man returned to his home on thirty drive and found two men running of the backyard into a confirmed the police caught the running 3 yds. the home they have their ransacked and this jury was taken them a former secretary of state elliott clinton will be in san francisco today promoting her new book
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titled hard choices mrs. clinton will be at or film theater signing copies tomorrow morning at a 30. the former first lady and senator is considering running for president about a 16th. >>: today google kicks off is the developers center in moscow on a. the word is google is going to rebuild its new version of its operating system and there might be called lollipops' is expected to go into cars homes and small watches. the event comes at a time of transition for google as they're trying to adjust to the ongoing shift from desktop and laptop to smart phones and tablets of >>: meantime there's a rally. many activists are calling on google ever prove the most honest manner and will keep you updated.
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>>george: still tracking in major hot spot for your ride. of the bay bridge into san francisco checking some other east of a traffic for you looking at the ride from and after concord slow but not unusually slow. and the ride from walnut creek to doublets a good this morning. and a typical have your ride from the dublin interchange. >>: now to a story you'll only see a kron4 of the bay area man whose fifth fulfilled his own to year- old grandson for years ago and i thought and kron4. steve howe and she faces up to 10 years in prison for the killing of his grandson jacob by his civil. he says he did not check of the kids
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in their bedroom because he was afraid his son-in-law would get angry. >>: high-he says it's hard to say whose fault. in the cause the mauling an accident. >>: a mistake of everything of said. a rather have him. i would gladly trade my life for his. [ heart beating ]
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hamas cell phone 101 is one
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to be backed up on city streets expect bigger delays on the inbounds central freeway at the octavia st expressway and we are just now getting into the hearts of the commute but we are ready to look cain the e shore freeway is a damp from golden gate fields. 5 it is backed up into the masonry the the nimitz freeway is back of beyond the 80 split so this is a really rough as long run. this afternoon
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expect just a light breeze temperatures range from low 60s coast one food is pretty breezy along with the delta 25 mi. an hour expect a mix of sun and clouds by the afternoon inland areas. the waterfront. of the richmond. 64. looking for mid-60s in downtown san francisco and oakland today at 70 if you're heading to the law firm first pitch into a 45
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remember and will be breezy of their color weather into tomorrow. with warmer weather and to the weekend. >>: thanks erica. a possible breakthrough in the fight against the most dangerous when new melanoma drug and it worked and a late stage critical trial. we do know it does involve more than 400 patients and those who were treated with this new drug live longer than the physician to only five came off three and four year-old girl in washington state's, at this home was robbed last week. investigators say 70 years of a good babysitter made of the story of two men bridge and into the home of a visitor told her to get
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out because this is the one of the film along fifth >>: the bad guys so my this the my i'd >>: that naso still my x box and my weight. that was really hurting bad food is not a good babysitter for the five they got i got back because of made in a super hero. >>:
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we're seeing black on the road race so that means traffic is not moving in the westbound direction in the lower e short freeway for the enormous freeway and for the macarthur mace even 24 started to back up now and the westbound direction. the local books look here you see that there's very little movement here in the toll plaza just because traffic is slow all the way across the span. it
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takes off for release 50 did 20 percent the of the traffic coming from the bay bridge. if the traffic is not able to get off that meets the skagway begins to be packed at the corner of montreal went to jim things up there. it'll also affect the inbound freeway. along with the commute to the san mateo bridge which is already a hot spot in the westbound direction as one of the all to their roots in the golden gate bridge will is still a very well the traffic is still doing really well. now we continue to attract other hot spots and problems kron force will tram now is of the scene of accident southbound a milpitas and this is not far from the northbound crash that we dealt with earlier. at >>: which of looking at now is
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out on a 80 just short of 237 tickets to the tow truck is on the scene one is on the flatbed and their hitching that minivan to the back of it. this it could be cleared of the next 2025 minutes or so. all the debris on the ground and even though all laser (now because of the scene is still slow go through this area to look into the possibility that speed might cause this accident. the other accident that we talked about is 1 mi. from this location and the other side of the freeway north on 80s. some were talking to separate multi vehicle accidents and the good news about those accidents even though it is see the extensive damage nobody was seriously hurt from this accident nobody died couple people rushed to hospital but they were not deadly accidents. >>: that's great news will take a look at the backup leading south on to the fremont milpitas corridor. one knowpass the heading into
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the week and warmer weather is certainly rising in the bay area was stopped about into the '90s what exactly that to happen in just a bit. >>: it's all about google now for the next couple of days and surfaces go there's a today development from school decentered just a few minutes. they're gonna be talking about gadgets and trade and all sorts of new devices.
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>>: is the rise here and get some video to see what looks like here soon. the first day of it today this cannot is where them by the media in this is a desolate place with a of build new things in the way for a show of google glass. it should be pretty exciting to see this a lot of stuff for expecting here also.
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wrecking a major house by with the closure of the fifth third ought crawford says the early morning hours it will be close to the rest of the commute. due to an accident that was open from pursuit this morning across the bay bridge. but the backup it reaches the to the macarthur mayst 30 minutes and it's about backed for the minutes freeway north from and the cemetery ridge nodded great alternate this morning and it is completely backed up from before called a road all the way out to the base of the high-rise. all have another traffic check for you when the kron 4
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see them get the fall or the bay area right now if the temperatures are mainly in the upper 50s. we do have some clouds along the coast on the tickets are to see a lot of the fog is burning off. a completely dry morning as we head into the afternoon as it gets into the '70s and '80s out there miss out us today is looking at a high of 81. will
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cease at similar conditions in the east bay for pittsburgh for cooler weather along the waterfront, 64 n. richman hayward today is only in the height of 66. tickets for sprinkel said the north bay tonight ball looks like this afternoon temperatures will be many in the mid to upper seventies. here's your 70 around the bay forecasts will have cooler weather as you get into tomorrow and high pressure rebuilding into friday and will see another warming trend into early next week. >>: a busy traffic morning or still looking at multiple hotspots the worst is first that the ba bridge west bound with th fifth west from backing up traffic all way to high land and jamming the right here at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to them carbamates onto 24 even the e sure freeway slow to the golden gate fields. the alternate route for the san
7:47 am
mateo bridge to concur forget about that traffic jam that appear as you can see the back up actually begins well before the toll plaza for the was down 92 ride. a better bet may be the richmond summer felt rich even though it is backed up five it was down and won a one south looks great. we been updating the accident here's southbound 880 in milpitas and near the 237 interchange traffic a solid lead backed up for highway 84 and even the dumbarton bridge is starting to get heavy. people of looking at released on 92 west ball. >>: heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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the store with a following of morning law was affected the committee on the bay bridge the high-speed chase that ended in a fiery crash with two people dead. >>: as it is see behind me the history of f, they've been waitg for, tranced crew to get out here so that they can't begin to
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clear up the scene. the kron chairman's clue have been told is stuck in traffic. just the corner just left the scene they been removed from thisone passee other person was ejected here's what we know what happened out here. novices around the plates on the bmw they discovered that it was stolen on the services, on june 23rd. officers tried to pull over the driver but the driver continued he got to the bay bridge again started to speak as he exited here on the street offer he gets there barbara and then desperate the spokesperson says that it appears that as the driver was exited offered he was going fast about 90 mi. per hour plus. i talked to them just a short time ago the kron within about the
8:02 am
driver car and passenger. but we know about the car right now. >>: the car is a three series bmw 900 sadistically damage were trying to get more information about that. we know that a stolen do we know where win. >>: it was still not assigned to cisco will have the time it was stolen. >>: does a driver have any identification any information on the driver yet. >>: that was a male adult he was strong from the vehicle he has major injuries were still try to have other i didn't beat features. >>: sauce we do know that the passengers still in the vehicle right now we know about that person. >>: were away for the corner to get major identification. >>: again your looking at the smashed the convertible viet bmw that was stolen on the services go on june 23rd is it is that
8:03 am
there's a lot officers out here and that there's evidence marker on the ground where we differ conference truck to come out here to visuals of the area before they start cleaning it up. they hope to have this intersection cleared by 10:00 a.m. but they believe that that may be delayed now. here's severs cisco's teresa's i still kron for news. >>: george's taken a look at our traffic because of this. >>: is this fairly heavy direct as the two-lane shut down the is a two lane exit so this manages to take about 50 to 20 percent of the traffic from the upper deck of the bay bridge. and maybe even a slightly conservative number. your move back to you force of traffic to stay on the sky way that does several things. it backs up the upper deck all the way it meter relays are slowed and it produces a lot of extra heavy
8:04 am
traffic all available scar way. traffic is try to get on to the sky way for one no one southbound and ride to san jose as a ploy to get back up on the city street so that's what we're hearing now. the miscode the center in the giants' game today so we could be feeling the effects of this even if they get open. we could be selling these effective this early afternoon hours. and again the bainbridge is backed up now to the macarthur made over 30 minutes drive times. in the san mateo bridge is an alternate is not a good one but it's the very heavy, 92 west ball. stopple go traffic is here. other hot spots that were tracking a singular here for highway for pittsburgh west bound to lanes blocked in the road and earlier occuring
8:05 am
problems 680 south kron and was bound 24 has jammed up the ride all through walnut creek pleasant hill and cocker. and because earlier current problems 80 south kron is a solid wall attracted to the corridor backed up into union city down to milpitas. >>: around noon. this is video
8:06 am
from a helicopter partnership the victim is a 28 year veteran of the fire department he had plenty of experience operating that truck. we're not sure what caused the aircraft rescue raid to rollover investigators as the trend figure that out. the crash did not affect any flight to the airport. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a teenage boy
8:07 am
details had attempted to kill his family.
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this is a live look to the fishery off for a from the upper
8:10 am
deck of the bay bridge west bound as they close since the early morning hours there's no indication on when word and every open they hope to get it cleared by 10 in the meantime is backed up traffic go the way across the span and into the mccarthy days on the e sure freeway and on to the mix northbound 30 + minutes drive times out of the maze for the bay bridge and also to the san mateo bridge is solidly backed up as well this morning. >>: overnight. we're live at the now to the developing story fiery crash. two people are dead.and police a training drill. critically the fire truck accident happened on the tarmac just after noon.. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc the victim is a 28-year- veteranwe're not sure what caused the at the airport.
8:11 am
former secretary of state she is promoting her new book -- titled "hard choices." 8-30- at book passage in the the former first lady and and here's a live look outside. new storm damage video in this that's a camper that was tossed wind speeds from the twisterthe storms also uprooted trees affecting thousands of residents. however, no injuries have been weather. up next a driverless car to a blast the company is ready to push for olson's mobile. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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this ramp has been close is this incident occurred around 315 this morning. according to them they could see did this investigation they will keep their rapt closed the best that right now is predicting around eight afternoon the read may be opening. it is see that the traffic here coming into this city in stock right now is being
8:16 am
squeezed. there's five lanes on the upper deck the to left lanes exit here at fifth street leaving the rest to continue on to the sky way of the traffic right now is squeezed from five lanes into three lanes in the westbound direction so that's why is that the ball away across the upper deck. and that of course means that the meter in lights had to be slowed because traffic can get into the bridge kazan has nowhere to go. the 880 approach is backed up beyond 80 split 580 is backed up pass 2424 is backed up to children's hospital over 30 minutes backups at the bay bridge this morning for the west of ride. the cemetery a bridge is not a great alternate because it's not only extremely heavy here on the bridge but it's very backed up on a piece of ball from san
8:17 am
leandro into a word. golden gate bridge is not a bad ride heading south but getting to is a problem because after cross the bridge in december fell bridges jammed up at the toll plaza for the west of ride. look at the highway for ride westbound adair byrd has the to left lanes blocked. an earlier current problem here in fremont is jammed up from the corridor so that 80s south from from san leandro down to millepede this is now is a 60 minute to write. new video coming in this morning this for essentially going into the camper that was picked up and thrown into the roof of this house and the indianapolis area. wind speeds from a tornado came in under rows per hour. the arms
8:18 am
have brought down trees and power lines hurting thousands of people. more severe weather expected of the east of indianapolis today. what's there is cooler weather over the next couple of days people and and and are looking forward to that relief right now is gaiseric started to clear and the temperatures are also starting decline. 62 leave the house in concord. satellite and radar show that the club called cover still around the area could wake up to some drizzle this morning. at trackthat it does a very slim possibility that will see any rain in the system we could however sieges along the coastline however my view is hitting 74 the temperatures are. at around the pool side in
8:19 am
fairfield. richmond's today is only looking for hyacinth 64 degrees. 65 is a little warmer, cooler weather tomorrow and i think it's, will be the coolest day of the week. then it to the week and we will seek warmer weather.
8:20 am
a lightning strike at yellowstone national park caught on camera. as george warren reports. the man who got the picture was getting video of a hail storm when the bolt hit the ground just a few feet away. get ready, here it comes. you saw it, and i saw it; but amazingly, the guy who shot this video didn't see it. "and there was no sense of a flash. we just knew it was very close. and it was only when we reviewed the video that we realized how close it was." bruce hyland was camping with a group friends at shoshone lake in yellowstone national park and pulled out his point-and- shoot camera to take pictures of this sudden hailstorm. "all of a sudden we hear this enormous crash. we didn't see a flash of lightning, we didn't know how near it was. but i just thought hey, i've been taking a video. i wonder if i caught the thunderclap when it went off so i played it back." a frame-by-frame examination of bruce's video shows what the human eyes at the campsite couldn't see in real time as lightning strikes a pair of nearby trees. "you can clearly see one frame completely saturates with the
8:21 am
light from the strike. and yet, we didn't see that at all. the next frame, it's gone but you can see a little orange glow in the tree and you can see an orange glow that goes out into the lake. i think that orange glow in the lake is just reflection off all of those little raindrop craters." within one-thirtieth of a second, the ground erupts as the enormous jolt of electrical energy finds a path through the roots. ten frames, one-third of a second after the flash, bruce reacts to the thunderclap-- the startled photographer jerks the camera. still pictures taken moments later show the deep scars left by the lightning strike and how close it came to the campers. with medical care hours away bruce and his friends know they're lucky this video is the only thing they came away with.
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its speed chase and the stolen car with into the deadly fiery crash. >>: we have some redevelopments that we want to draw your to. if you look behind the to see that the toll tractors arrived on the offered antisepsis go. crews are taken away the evidence markers in the gap codgers workers there started to sweep up all the remaining of that accident here's what we know about this crash and pursued a run 3:00 a.m. and oakland northbound 880 the chp officers ran the plates on a bmw they discovered that it was stolen not a san francisco on june 23rd officers tried to
8:31 am
pull of the driver but the driver refused a gun to the bay bridge he started to speak. if elected this video this is the fiery inferno after the driver crashed a stolen bmw and services go. the officer as the driver, he was going they believe are hundred m.p.h. as he took the offer of he lost control of the rap that's when the car erupted into a fireball. the looks like they're making some significant progress after saying that they did believe the offer to be open at 10:00 a.m. it looks like they could get it open and even sooner. but again the crows are putting out all the santa treaded absorb the oil that was spelled out and the trend again on top of the. so
8:32 am
that they cannot hopefully get this offer a cleared off. reporting live terisa estacio bacteria. >>: is a tough morning out there. he did describe the traffic impacts in one word maj. >>: to a democrat the macebearer this is the reason why you see the end of the offer a this is the beginning of the offer which is shut down. five lanes of the upper deck of the bay bridge to lais are split off here. the only least three lanes test continued to san francisco. it's at least 20 percent of it that ended here. it's not be is squeezed into the three lanes of the sky way this is ball and of traffic all across town freeways. so the sooner they get this cleared the is the better
8:33 am
part a big impact here at the bay bridge toll plaza again 30 + minutes drive times even as minutes approach is solidly backed up to the 80 split. 580 backed up to 2424 slow west out. this is not our only hotspot take a look of the san mateo bridge as an alternate route you to forget about that's not a good one it's not only slow here jammed on the merits of the ball kid down from san lorenzo and its heavy on an 92 west around the golden gate bridge is a reasonably good alternate but the richest ever felt rich is extremely slow tries to get over to one no one. let's go for to solve all 68880 which had three separate accidents the third of which just occurred and it's another multicar crash this time northbound on a 80 alvarado and niles road. the drive time is
8:34 am
well over our now getting from san leandro down to 237. upper multi vehicle accidents that to looking at right now south on a 80 just before to 37 this accident took place around 645 this morning due to see a couple of cars are involved in this accident one person was injured taken away by ambulance here's a video of the accident that took place about hour-and- a-half before this one did this is a northbound 880 in fremont just before that admission exit also multi vehicle accident and
8:35 am
these four cars were involved this is look terrible fraud and damage to all of the cars no one was killed in the investigation to what's causing these accidents is still going they believe possibly just the morning commute at and they think that the drivers played a role in both accidents. >>: a " dull today in the whether british continue with the cool down as we headed to tomorrow we could see some sprinkles the retracting in this system approaching the the bay area. right now when the conditions cavalla into concord. 40 mi. are wince in oakland currently. these days only in the upper 50s as you had into the afternoon is to continue to be breezy wit partly cloudy conditions. calls will increase by later on tonight again you could cast us few sprinkles.
8:36 am
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in the fishery off for a pistol jammed up the bay bridge and the westbound direction the backup is actually easing a little bit at the bay bridge toll plaza take a look the westbound ride no water backed up solidly to the mccarthy amaze the drive times suggest dropping below 20 minutes and 80 approaches down to 20 minutes for your trip and to stand for cisco. beyonce and jay-z's big joint tour starts today.hitting 16 north american cities including san francisco. and the pundits are predicting the celebrity power couple's "on the run" tour will be one for the record books. the tour is on track to sell a million tickets.for just 20 shows! that would bring in about 400-
8:41 am
million dollars.making it the second-highest grossing tour in history. there are still tickets for the two shows in the bay area.august fifth and a-t-and-t park. and here's a live look outside.richmond san rafael bridge morning news.
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a new way to make your workout his favorite tech finds out this month. is uncertain this morning. a viewer contacted us about the
8:45 am
possibility of her neighborhood park. being turned into something else. something she is she shared her story with 4'' story. cover sot it is a great place to and quite see the promise: the model your pocket. are some more time of the gym untangling these working out that's my real like these.
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contract and a hot spots as the broadcast began accident that occurred in the very early morning hours that shut down the fish tree offering for westbound interstate 80 and there you see the car involved in that incident being towed away. the
8:47 am
vehicle was being pursued by the chp when it crashed here into this history offer and killed both of the rocket hits that were in it. >>: file is some good news on this story, tranced chp and are wrapping up the incident in the accident right now they're doing some cleanup work as a tow the car way it originally they had a estimate of 10:00 a.m. the sector had a schedule clean this up this is the best news we've had all morning long. has been a traffic disaster for anybody traveling across the bay bridge into service cisco this morning but finally it sells like a little better news and it will be up and the rapturously soon as they do will turn over to your church. >>: the back of the still richer across the bay bridge but it is
8:48 am
a bit unusual that the backup is actually diminished a bit because a lot of people just avoid this ride. the backup is only 20 minutes and here rest still at about 28 was found riddled logger solidly backed up into mccarthy the maze. one of the alternates is taken a lot of traffic is the right here on 92. getting to it is extremely slow on a 80s self ball from similar drill into a word and all we're across '92 coming over from the minutes freeway. our other hot spots are near the ride of a 80 we have to malty vehicle accidents and a two-hour radius of each other. when a southbound accident and industrial that was up malty crash north, on all your road.
8:49 am
now is a former commute down to 238 to 237. typically is is a 93 minute drive and over. female announcer: don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale
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the iraqi terrorist ices is trying to raise money on line by selling t-shirts studies and even toys. the items are being
8:56 am
sold on the indonesian website and a link to it is showing up on some facebook feeds. they're thinking about banning the the cat make itself at home at the top of a police officer shoulders in the cozy up to our and she never even met them
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
traffic is very busy on you on this was a more a. the star with the weather because very windy out there fairfield reported 25 my car wins 13 out the door vallejo 14 and oakland. so the call cover were dealing with right now will start to clear a bit. partly cloudy conditions now looking at the possible refer few raindrops later on this evening. i think that's could be in north bay and that will decide to arouse the be the coolest a of the week before that we want things right back up into the weekend costs 90 is bit back into the forecastle talk about how not to commit it coming up in just a few minutes. >>: foot the developing story this morning a crashing servers cisco that has really affected the commute this morning over the bay bridge. >>: we have some very import
9:01 am
information to give right now we just been told by the california highway patrol that this offer at that this has been shut out for hours i'm here just created a problem for the morning commute and we've been told that it's now been the reopened in about five minutes cells cannot be a search e the vellum. one of the services go on june 23rd they attempted to pull over the driver pre refused and
9:02 am
pursued again with the slow pursuit on the bay bridge but then the driver as he was exiting the ramp he stepped on the gas and as he was coming off the loss control he is the garden route is but not control and and that's when the fire erupted. that passenger and the driver both died. we concede we been just been told that the offer and has been shut down for hours and it's good be reopening in about five minutes. >>: let's get a look the traffic impacts now with george. >>: she has attacked this law will look up there rep they're looking up at this fishery off for a week is see that the repositioning the vehicles now is the carters surrender their starting to pull out the way
9:03 am
they're gonna be pulling up the cold as they open up the ramp. and the ticket to the toll plaza or is very surprising that we have not seen a bigger backup i think some of the people got the word so early because this happened so early in the a lot of people just avoided this bainbridge this morning. this is a lot more traffic for the richmond san rafael bridge was spawned in the salmon's steel bridge is certainly taken a beating this morning. the drive times are back down to 20 minutes of the macarthur maes and about 50 minutes, for the minutes freeway north ball. again word for most recently from the scene is the third and reopened as rep sometime within the next five minutes so that we did see a big changes shifting pattern so that that will be the time to remember there's a giants game today so that always needs a sextant wave of traffic.
9:04 am
certainly the minutes freeway this 880 south 0 ride just cleared a crash at industrial there's been a northbound accident that of ronald niles and their world 34 multi car crashes between hayward and milpitas this morning-drive time is nearly an hour and a half. it peaks and 93 minutes now it's got down to us at 87 minutes from 237 down to 238. and get a ticket here out to a zooming up the maps. the chp has not reported this but there has been a stall west of 580 here at hacienda in pleasanton that has backed up the traffic all the way to the all to my past so an excruciating slow ride for this was about 580 trip. this had been another alternate but is still heavy on 80s south from
9:05 am
the least it is a better ride here on 92 was kron so this could work for you as alternate route but again slow going getting to in both directions of the minutes freeway. >>: even talking about all morning a lot of hot spots including the milpitas area long 880 and free my meal we have will tram showing us the latest there. >>: of horrible morning for people that the commute to the fremont and milpitas corridor to separate multi vehicle accidents that your looking at right now south on a 80 just before to 37 this accident took place around 645 in the morning because it coppola cards involved in this accident one person was injured taken away by ambulance here's video of the accident that took place about hour-and-a-half before this one. this is northbound 880 and fremont just before the ignition etic exit. some of
9:06 am
these four cars were involved the good news is that even though the teams of terrible fraud and damaged a lot of the cars there is no one killed and the investigation to what caused both of these accidents is still going. they believe that the morning commute and speed by the drivers possibly play a role in both accidents. psst an accident on oakland international airport involving a firefighter who was doing a training drill with district fire truck. the fire truck overturned you see on the tarmac this is at noon yesterday. the victim is a 28 of the year veteran of the department they don't know the cause of this role or the will fire fighter is with such a fire chief says that he has plenty experience offer operating that rake because of that accident it comes as a complete surprise. i
9:07 am
also understand he was very light and respected by let the people here. the crash had no effect on any flights at oakland airport. >>: former secretary say hillary clinton is gonna be in services go today signing books she's promoting her new book titled hard choices. is it to be in the cedar tonight at 7:00 show be signing copies of for but some are morning at 830 in the morning. the former first lady and senator is try to run for president 2016. bamako a bay area man says his side of the story for years after his cable killed his two year-old grandson. -- pit bull killed his
9:08 am
2 year old grand son [ heart beating ]
9:09 am
[ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes.
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that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ] of a spy would been tracking is a closure the fishery offer from the upper deck to the bay ridge was on the deadly crash said occurred at the the high-speed pursuit has been closest the 3:00 hour this morning sense than we are minutes away from
9:11 am
the chp in this rare pre open to. then remove the vehicle and the debris their the process of picking up the columns in the west bomb. so these are to get the coast and they can open up this frontier party shortly and just-in-time they can take a look of the backup for the bay bridge rest of the still reaches into the mccarthy raised but not all the way through it even a 80 approach is just a titties between 15 and 22 minutes for the west gone back up. the bay area man who killed his two year-old grandson four years ago is said to be set in still not he is talking to kron 4. he's facing a 10 years and present for the death of his grandson jacob. the to year-old made his way to the garadge were the pimples were and they were
9:12 am
attacked hired said his son-in- law who watches over them just up and left for work without telling him he said didn't check on the kids in their bedroom because he was afraid that is the law will get angry. i'm miss jacob rivers today i rather have him i would gladly change my life for his. he was just two years old. >>: i augeas' said to be sensitive to wait three tables of of the attack along with two other principals they were all destroyed. they killed a family show what the year before but never checked any humans before they killed the boy. >>:
9:13 am
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that's why they have lots of ways for you to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. celebrate the fourth with envy apples, just $1.99 a pound. rancher's reserve tri tip roast is only $3.99 a pound. for the grand finale, dreyer's ice cream is just $2.99. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. we're still trying their hot spot that we've been following now for five hours herself and seven cisco this is history offered rarely would you ever see this would go traffic at all coming down from this river. and has been closest the early morning hours the crunchers' crews have been picking up the coast. is picking up the last of the coast and it is see that
9:16 am
there's a couple of pilot vehicles ride in front there for the chp and they're just not getting ready to release the traffic so that you're about to see their first traffic moved down this route in five hours getting into surfaces go this'll be taking a tremendous sum of treasure not only on the upper deck of the bridge but also of the rest of the kron town freeway in san francisco they see this chp as acting as the pace car. the big enough the last of the crews that been working here on disclosure so here it is not at 915 so what 56 hours this rep has been shut down and just now opening in the westbound direction. >>: the first estimates were
9:17 am
wrong 10:00 and this is were and happened10 they quickly did the investigation obviously they knew what a huge opener this was and the traffic nightmare they get it fixed says it quickly as possible and open the rep. after six hours of being closed are the police this say at this location reagan have to leave their fairy quickly. >>: it's so clear right now we don't wanna be hindering the traffic it's been a nightmare all morning long.
9:18 am
9:19 am
if a heading into the city and seaport you watched the giants face the first pitch at 1245 december is mainly in the '60s. breezy conditions at the stadium sunday around the base forecast , in the upper '70's as the end into the weekend will be warming things right back up.
9:20 am
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9:27 am
effort to dispose of home to lucas' films when it comes a george lucas is a big museum that is what to chicago of all places. its doors lucas has decided not to build his museum that would house of bill dundalk billion dollar collection he chose the home of his new wife chicago. cried a little tin of the presidio trust is read in the middle of the negotiations that broke down. >>: this is a big disappointment he's been a member of arsenio community for a long time. he's done so much to make this presidio today so we hope this will turn around for ways. earlier this week the presidio trust rejected at the start of the trust. tobacco
9:28 am
plant on the services go waterfront near paris 30 within the end at they said wonder under the bridge. the only move mnemonic is kid take follows with is a fountain. --photos . for now few in the see of that coal member billboards from star wars are connected by a good ticket to chicago. or come visit the yad a statue of the presidio and services go. bil
9:29 am
9:30 am
flee the fishery is offered for the bay bridge is reopen is no longer close now so that mr. ride coming over from the bay bridge is a ploy to be a much better one. the backup did not get much worse than it did. the
9:31 am
nasty that way for very long they took alternates. and many of the this morning and decided to go to the san mateo bridge a back up much earlier than usual that lasted for a long time but it is clearing out. not clear and know very well vote is the right here under a stiff 5 a.d. and the west of it's been over our it's blocking the lane litigious been unreported for the law this time it's still backed up into the all to my past with the numerous incidents here on the minutes freeway in both directions between hayward and milpitas that's why the drive time is still one hour in the southbound direction getting to the corridor and even into a word.
9:32 am
>>: this high-speed chase that ended in fiery crashes in for cisco that's affected the bay bridge traffic for hours. >>: we're out here at the st. offer that is offered as of the bay bridge into san francisco it's hours and that is because of that. take a look of this video you can see that this car is of fire this all started around 3:00 that in the morning when officers spotted this car and oakland they ran the play they tried to pull the car over of the ride indemnifying as a stolen car. the tadpole over the refuse that they pursued again. the driver went through the treasure island title the driver sped up he lost control that the guard rail spawn of control and that started the fire. he rejected endive in the
9:33 am
passenger died in the car with no idea on the to yet but we do know that the driver was a male. this offer apply shut down as the investigators had to go and collect as a nymph out here and the tow truck catacomb augured take away the vehicle at the corner they removed the bodies a couple of hours ago. the developing situation impacting a lot of people as they try to head into services go on this wednesday. >>: and the update on the other hot spots that would destroy all marty law but those will 80 in fremont. >>: the list of horrible morning for people on the commune for free my and tell me this corridor to separate multi vehicle accidents such looking at right now solved on a 80 just before to 37 this accident took place or 0645 and the morning the despicable cars involved in this accident one person was
9:34 am
injured took away by ambulance here's the video of that accident that took place hour- and-a-half before this one if this is no. on a 80 and from not just before the mission exit also multi vehicle accident least four cars were involved the good news is that the teams look terrible from an damage to the cars there was nobody killed and that investigation to what caused both of these accidents will be still under investigation they believe just the morning commute and speed possibly played a role in both accidents. >>: fascistas is and look aroune bay area the wind is pretty gusty of their special adults the. 20 minute leaving the house in concord hold onto your hat as we continue into the breezy afternoon. cloud cover will clear that time which is arranged and the low 60s to the
9:35 am
upper 70's low 80s in the end. tomorrow political state of the week will cease and drizzle along the coastline but temperatures will rebound as we head into the weekend. the ears of their route update forecast coming up at 945. >>: 935 read not receiving its city a 93 year-old man died and a woman is in the hospital after their home with up the flames. take a look of the scene from a helicopter. there's a that afternoon as our call this way officials of not say the identities of the victim but they did live in the phone-- home sop but they don't know the cause neighbor saw the flames shooting of the windows and they know the family. >>: i actually called the the daughter and then i called the daughter of two. the european
9:36 am
striver who called and that fire first tical level 1. >>: take a look of this video this other california that i should be flipped read over after a high-speed police chase a starter when a driver ran a red light outside of san diego and nearly half a deputy then took off the speed set up to an underground power and magic is see your the as a driver being put into ambulance in the woman riding and as you he was taken away in handcuffs they look in the trunk which popped open and and the police file stuff that looks like there are going of vacation. they also from math here win and a gun. they also recovered another gun that they believed the. alders lot pass a compromise that what have to
9:37 am
serve two years in custody convicted juvenile to of said to be took part in a rehabilitation program the bill has to be assembly appropriation committee is named after 50 hero on a pot to enable our rested ae group will protest at the mall view headquarters they were demonstrating in favor of that neutrality as they call it will allow the protests other campus for most of yesterday but that overnight the protests refuse to leave after repeatedly warnings from global and from the wreck was city police they began making arrests and all 10 were booked into san jose's jail. it's 937 here's a shot from our mateo camera talk about the cool down there were filling today
9:38 am
and tomorrow will be right bacteria
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
the west on ride on the upper deck of services go now that the fifth street repairs and reopens for far from back to normal here on 80 in the southbound direction of the 65 minutes drive times is still 15 minutes higher than it should be for this hour of the morning soon jammed up on a san leandro all the way down to 237. >>: 941 the four year-old girl in washington state help to solve a home evasion case. little abbey columns was robbed last week they say that her 17 year-old babysitter orchestrated the false home invasion or re along with her 16 year-old boyfriend and another buoyant the babysitter made up the story about two are black men breaking into the loan and
9:42 am
lease says that her baby sitter and two other men told her to get out because they wanted to steal of their stuff. >>: the bad guys told my caddy they stole my eye caught in the also stole my it mats box in my least that's really hurt in their big-she's not a good babysitter it's back to me being a super hero. >>: they told her the investigators that the suspects when the white skin not black. >>: 942 and coming up with keeping our eye and whether traffic this wednesday morning walnut creek plot sunshine they say it looks good
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
roger looking at assimilation will please call it's reported of a man responded and no further information was given. kron 4 was the only station fleabite to tryout was a video game has the ability of a split second decision. they're different scenarios that could be programmed to its and its different outcomes like this man who reportedly met mentally unstable. or this report of domestic violence. whether that
9:47 am
takes refuge to the basement of some and add to the stimulation high real my situation to police dispatcher this was going on. now watch out and actually had a handgun in taser because the man then appeared at a weapon. at the and that dictates the man. with the motel does an area was active shooting scene. no lawyer shots going off and other than that and totally blind the heart is racing not note was in store for me as i turn a corner to the room. the second grader with a man with the shotgun appeared, i do let's say if i want the job with those of the police there ready to start the background check. turned out the stimulator is nothing like what law
9:48 am
enforcement do every day but is held and their respect for the day at the dos and i you have to have french as the second to make a life or death decision. in this city still merits kron 4 news. a tornado throws rv rental the house this is north of indianapolis were happening looks like they live red top of the house's lead down to the yard the roof now is: it is pretty much gone. no plea was turn the small supporting a this tornado the taxpayers around under m.p.h. prepared the drive pretty much anywhere with speed limits. >>: close the to the water you
9:49 am
9:50 am
met with more cloud cover temperatures however not too bad they now to upper 50s low 67 cisco right now 6163 currently
9:51 am
in concord. which is the partial clearing into the afternoon the temperature is look like they're gonna be in the '70s and '80s and the south bay. 74 and all of you will also see a similar conditions and the east bay. delta 07 cisco today getting a high as 65. oakland today looking for high of 70 and 72 in san mateo. if you're heading to at&t part to was the giants' first digit 1245 expect to riches in the mid-60s here's your seven there around the bay for cat shows warm weather into the weekend monday and the upper seventies. >>: 951 a soccer star least for as is being mocked for chopping down on his italian opponent during yesterday's soccer match the most support is not the
9:52 am
first or the second time they've taken a but. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
9:53 am
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